Bounceback from Covid 19

Posted by Anantha Rao

Why nuVizz ?


  • Network of 1500+ carriers and Growing
  • Certified Drivers with HIPAA training
  • Scale Fast
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Capacity and geographical knowledge.
  • Easy 4 step process
  • Active Marketplace
  • Proven technology

The focus thus far has rightfully been in defeating the pandemic from overwhelming our healthcare systems. There has also been a silent decimation of the economy in its wake. Over 80% of food services, retail and every other economic activity has been negatively affected. Social distancing have kept consumers away from stores and services. Foot traffic will remain subdued for an extended amount of time.

Yet we witness some pockets of economic activity that are weathering the storm with a hyper increase in their businesses. The ability to deliver at the doorstep of your customer has proved to be the game changer in these times. Consumers will increasingly rely on doorstep and curbside delivery for the foreseeable future.

While the virus continues to take its toll on humanity in many ways for the next several weeks and months, we believe in working together to #BounceBack.

How you Deliver… It matters

A combination of technology and operational network is essential to enable the capability. Some of the building blocks for creating this capability in your portfolio:

  • Realtime Transportation Visibility ensuring customer success
  • Transportation Network capable of delivering your product
  • Contract management – including reconciliation, billing and payments
  • Ability to scale to demand in your region of influence
  • Customer Visibility and service SLA

nuVizz Marketplace

nuVizz has over the years provided sustainable transportation platform and helped rapidly build the network that powers many businesses today. We can help launch your business delivery with scale and efficiency to power the next innovation in your business. You can either leverage our technology to launch your business process or take advantage of the marketplace and the network.

nuVizz is a multi-echelon SaaS transportation visibility solution can accelerate product delivery to your customers. The platform caters business verticals such as retail, health care, NEMT, courier and home delivery boasting an excess of 50M transactions in 2019. Join the transportation network that is growing everyday by registering with a single click. We believe transportation solutions will truly help the economy and the business to #BounceBack.