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Expand your delivery capability and grow your business by partnering with us to ensure safe delivery of medicines to your clients.
We are a leading transportation technology company facilitating 24 mil transactions on an annual basis through our platform. We transport x patients on an annual basis for Medical appointments across the country. We have 1000+ active transportation providers on our platform performing these medical trips. With a fleet size of more than 6000 vehicles we are able to offer access to HIPAA compliant drivers and fleet to provide safe delivery of your medicines.

Delivery Capacity on our Platform


Why nuVizz Marketplace?

  • Access to 6000 plus certified, HIPAA trained drivers
  • Network of 1000+ carriers and growing…
  • Network coverage in both rural and urban areas
  • Industry leading HIPAA compliant delivery platform
  • Rapid deployment and scaling
  • Easy 4 step process to get started

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Ship & Track
Ship deliveries using our robust technology platform, track deliveries real time with SMS, voice, email confirmations


Access to robust delivery agents
We take the responsibility of finding and connect you to reliable and HIPAA compliant delivery agents in the market you operate or desire to expand

Real-time delivery tracking
With our proven industry leading technology platform you can get real time tracking of your medicines in various formats

Compliance and adherence
Our platform is HIPAA compliant and the delivery agents are already trained and experienced in HIPAA.