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Servicing riders that qualify for transportation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is all about maintaining balance between robust communication with riders, supply/demand challenges with vehicle capability and capacity and ultimately efficient routing of trips.  For a dispatcher, this means understanding your fleet of specialized vehicles to meet wheelchair and stretcher services, and plan both vehicle and driver capacities and attendants as optimally as possible given that these resources are typically in short order yet high demand.  WellRyde’s manual or optimized route planning takes into consideration all of these variables and more during trip route building process.

Riders can monitor drivers that are assigned and enroute to them for pick up and communicate with them directly; saving timely and inefficient phones calls with customer service agent.  For a transit authority, this means complete visibility of your paratransit fleet; whether it is your own fleet or a through a contracted carrier.

WellRyde’s networked solution provides real-time visibility across all relationships on the platform.  WellRyde is a software solution that lives in the cloud.   So all you need is an internet connection and a web-browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to access trip management, dispatching and billing capabilities.

Drivers simply need to be be added to the system, and have an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet to start using the mobile application right away. Steps to complete a trip is a natural self-guided process with little to no training required to be up and running.

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