Rural Transit


WellRyde supports real-time rider/driver communication plus manual or automated route building to optimize pick-up and drop-offs over larger geographic areas.

Recurring trips for riders can easily be assigned to the same driver routes accommodate rider/driver preferences, to maintain and build relationships. For drivers, WellRyde’s Android and iOS mobile applications support offline mode, where trips are fully available on the apps for processing when cell phone and data services aren’t available or spotty at best.

WellRyde is a software solution that lives in the cloud.   So all you need is an internet connection and a web-browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to access trip management, dispatching and billing capabilities.

Drivers simply need to be be added to the system, and have an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet to start using the mobile application right away. Steps to complete a trip is a natural self-guided process with little to no training required to be up and running

Trip Sources / Brokers



Transportation Providers