Trip Market by WellRyde: A Win-win for NEMT Brokers and Transportation Providers

Posted by Anantha Rao

With over 10 national NEMT Trip sources and 1200+ transportation providers, Trip Market by WellRyde, provides the perfect opportunity for both NEMT Providers and brokers

WellRyde, a nuVizz Inc transportation solution, announces the successful integration with the over 10 NEMT national trip sources on its platform. With the initial launch of Trip Market in early August 2018, WellRyde has seen an increase in trip sources and providers adopting to the platform. In a short span of time, Trip Market has contributed significantly to the annual trip volume of 16+ Million trips. NEMT providers today are able to utilize the spare capacity and augment their revenue and increase their profits.

“..Trip Market has created new opportunities for hospitals, clinics, regional brokers, para-transit agencies, MCO/ CCO and transportation providers. The ability for trip market to work in a closed and open ecosystem, has increased acceptance and accelerated adoption” says Anantha Rao, COO & CTO WellRyde. “Booking a ride has typically been via emails or phone calls. With an Open API platform, Trip Market alleviates the bottleneck by matching trip source to capacity. With the ability to work with multiple trip sources with little to no effort, transportation providers win significantly.“

Trip Market integration enables the trip sources to seamlessly exchange information with transportation providers: rider booking, updates, cancellations and instant execution status. Trip Market provides for management of multiple contracts, automated billing, robust trip management and optimization. With an Open API and a modern network aware platform, trip sources and transportation providers both benefit from real-time network view of capacity and execution status. As an industry ready platform, trip market can function both in a closed and open ecosystem. With its largest NEMT transportation provider network under one umbrella of WellRyde, the trip market extension solves the biggest problem of lack of single view of capacity providing benefits for both trip sources and transportation providers. As more industry partners engage with Trip Market, it creates a win-win for riders.

WellRyde has become a leader in the NEMT transportation provider space. With a highly customizable platform featuring streamlined NEMT workflows, WellRyde helps transportation providers:

  • Aggregate trips from multiple brokers
  • Automate planning of both scheduled and on-demand trips
  • Track trip status in real time
  • Optimize driver routes
  • Manage driver schedules
  • Automate customer support
  • Simplify NEMT billing management
  • Reduce Rider no-shows using Ryde-Bot

About WellRyde by nuVizz, Inc.
WellRyde, a nuVizz Transportation solution for healthcare transportation, is an award-winning leading-edge SaaS platform. Our mission is to provide a human transportation cloud by leveraging technologies, transportation fleet and rider demand into a common platform. WellRyde provides solutions in the NEMT transportation, K-12, rural transit, taxi, limousine and demand response. Since its inception in 2015, as a specialized people movement platform, WellRyde has consistently focused on ease of use, ease of deployment, rider engagement and visibility. Combined with its capability of package movement, inherited from nuDeliverIt, WellRyde today is capable of delivering care solutions such as prescription delivery, hospital/ clinic supply, nurse visits, day care center visits under the broad umbrella of Non-Emergency Medical Services (NEMS). The HIPAA-compliant platform built on next gen micro-services architecture is poised for rapid growth and expansion and can support over 100 million trips a year. For more information on WellRyde please visit