WellRyde Launches Affiliate Program

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WellRyde, best in class NEMT solution, announced the Launch of the WellRyde Affiliate Program

ATLANTA, GA, USA, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — October 19, 2020 – WellRyde (https://wellryde.com), a nuVizz, Inc. transportation solution, today announced the launch of the WellRyde Affiliate program. As the fastest growing NEMT dispatch solution, WellRyde enables in excess of 16 million trips a year and services a network of over 1,200 transportation providers through the company’s easy-to-use mobility-as-a-service platform.

Transportation is a major barrier to health care for many vulnerable populations and the NEMT program attempts to bridge these gaps. It is stressful enough for someone to make a visit to a hospital or clinic, that they deserve a pleasant experience. At WellRyde we strive to make that part of their day, a ride to the clinic or hospital, pleasant and satisfying. It is imperative that riders feel less anxiety if their ride will arrive in time or how long should they wait for the ride.

“At WellRyde, our technology provides a network of connected transportation providers, the ability to utilize award-winning solutions to bring this wonderful experience to bear,” said Anantha Rao, COO & CTO at nuVizz. “The WellRyde Affiliate program makes available to organizations the ability to connect digitally with these Transportation Providers and introduce new Providers into the WellRyde program and take immediate benefit of this solution.” Adds Anantha Rao.

Starting in October 2020, Brokers, Hospitals, and Healthcare organizations can join the WellRyde Affiliate Program. They can refer transportation providers and other organizations into the network and avail of all the benefits: digital integration, network discovery, superior member experience and a well thought out program benefits. To learn more you can visit the Affiliate program page https://www.wellryde.com/affiliate-program/ or speak to your account executive.

About WellRyde
WellRyde has become a leader in the NEMT transportation provider space. With a highly customizable platform featuring streamlined NEMT workflows, WellRyde helps transportation providers, brokers, facilities to:

  • Aggregate trips from multiple funding sources.
  • Track trip status in real-time.
  • Optimize driver routes.
  • Automate customer support.
  • Simplify NEMT billing management.
  • Reduce Rider No Shows
  • Distribute trips to multiple providers
  • Enables a marketplace approach to transportation

WellRyde by nuVizz, is award-winning leading-edge transportation management and dispatch platform. Our mission is to provide a human transportation cloud by leveraging technologies, transportation fleets, and rider demand into a common platform. WellRyde provides solutions in the NEMT transportation, K-12, rural transit, and demand response. Since its inception in 2015, as a specialized people movement platform, WellRyde has consistently focused on ease of use, ease of deployment, rider engagement, and visibility. Combined with its capability of package movement platform, nuDeliverIt, WellRyde today is capable of delivering care solutions such as prescription delivery, hospital/ clinic supply, nurse visits, daycare center visits under the broad umbrella of Non-Emergency Medical Services (NEMS). The HIPAA-compliant platform built on next-gen micro-services architecture is poised for rapid growth and expansion and can support over 100 million trips a year.

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