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Grow your NEMT Transportation business with the Ultimate Solution that is efficient, multi-broker and saves cost.

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A complete people transportation platform trusted by 1000+ providers in 30+ states.

  1. Get Trips from different funding sources

    Whether it’s direct integration to trip/funding sources, excel import, or recurring trips creation natively in the platform we have you covered. We support all major trip brokers and funding sources

  2. Optimize and Dispatch

    Create schedules automatically with our trip opitmization engine or manually build routes and dispatch using our trip planning tools

  3. Track in real-time

    Pick-up and drop-off trip execution, completion through mobile application. Track real-time progress through interactive trip planning and automatic vehicle locator.

  4. Get Paid

    Reduce long billing cycles by utilizing WellRyde’s advanced billing and invoicing capabilities.

Our Technology

Transportation Providers Testimonial

Key Features

Manual trips assignment and exception management (reroutes, cancellations, no-shows, etc.)

Dispatch from the WellRyde Android and iOS App

Trip recurrence scheduling

Trip level history and event tracking for driver audits

Contextual Assisted Trip Planning

Trip Route Optimization

Real-time dashboards with configurable widgets

Scheduled report generation and distribution on historical activities

Driver and rider notifications (email, sms/text and push notification)

Trip assignment to transportation providers

Direct Integration and/or predefined broker import templates

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A people movement platform that aggregates trips from multiple sources to willing transportation providers ready to work.

WellRyde streamlines processes, that are slow, cumbersome, inefficient and provide little to no real-time visibility.

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Execute all your trips

Execute all your trips on one single platform regardless of the trip source.

Make a paperless work routine for your CSRs, dispatchers and drivers…anywhere any time.


Brokers / Trip Funding Sources

As a networked platform, WellRyde is ideal for private Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) brokers, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), hospitals and clinics, medical societies, medicaid/care, transit authorities and public and private schools. WellRyde is used to dispatch and monitor trips in real-time across all transportation providers that manage and complete trips for you.

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Transportation Providers

Complete visibility across all trip/funding sources, for optimal trip routing building and assignment to your vehicles and drivers.  WellRyde enables quick and easy trip import capabilities for new trip/funding sources, plus automated trip billing and invoicing.

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Manage your fleet of vehicle and drivers for optimal utilization and efficiency through trip planning tools, real-time visibility and on-the-fly exception management tools to ensure rider safety and on time performance.

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Drivers / Caregivers

Get trip assignments done using WellRyde’s Android or iOS mobile application with configurable workflow and exception management capabilities. OR WellRyde Now for Android and iOS for on-demand/rideshare facilities.

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Riders / Patients

Get real-time updates via text or email when drivers have started their trip, are approaching and have arrived for pick-up.  A quick link to a tracking portal provides riders even more trip visibility, rider-driver rating, and safety management features.

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WellRyde provides us the opportunity to know where the vehicles are. [We use] the data to make decisions – how many providers do we need, how many vehicles do we need to contract…We need to know what’s happening in our infrastructure on a real-time basis.

Ed Ringer
Chief Information Officer, Logisticare

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Why you should choose WellRyde

Our entire team, from engineers to customer success representatives have learned the industry directly from NEMT brokers and transportation providers to create a truly rewarding experience. This experience is what we believe to be the secret sauce in what makes the Best NEMT Dispatch software. Sign up today for a demo to find out how we are changing the industry one trip at a time.

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